Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC)

The Professional Medical Coding Curriculum is the official medical coding course developed by the American Academy Professional Coders. Healthcare Information Services provides education through this course to prepare clients for the CPC examination. If someone on your staff is looking to get their coding certification, the PMCC is an excellent place to start.

Education through Experience

Taking the CPC examination without any preparation will not be an effective use of you or your team’s time. The PMCC was designed to adequately prepare test-takers to excel on the CPC examination. With the guidance of the experts at HIS, you can ensure that you are more than prepared. Our years of experience in medical coding will perfectly supplement the PMCC curriculum, ensuring a ROI when you pass the CPC with flying colors.

Interested in becoming a Certified Professional Coder? With the PMCC, HIS can help get you there. Contact us today to get started!