Revenue Cycle Management in Florida

Florida Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management in healthcare encompasses the entire administrative process involved in getting paid for the services you provide to your patients in Florida. The process begins when a patient first calls to schedule an appointment and ends when all fees have been collected and verified.

Medical billing is becoming increasingly more complex. It is only going to get more difficult as new codes are added and more detailed patient information is required in the state of Florida to be submitted with the claim. Add to that, physicians and other service providers are required by various insurers to provide details not previously necessary.

One small error can result in the claim not being paid promptly, completely or possibly even being denied.

Revenue Cycle Solutions in Florida

Turning this complex process over to HIS for professional management of your Florida practice’s revenue cycle provides you substantial benefits, including:

  • Improvement in monthly cash flow by assisting you with verifying coverage, determining eligibility for services, correctly identifying amount of co-pays and deductibles and collecting payment at the time the service is rendered. HIS has a proven track record of collection processes.
  • Maximize reimbursements by reducing billing errors and ensure optimized coding. HIS employs highly trained and educated personnel with experience. They monitor Florida’s state and federal regulations as well as changes within the insurance industry that impact your billing and collection procedures. They know ICD-9 Codes and are ready to make the change to ICD-10 Codes on the requisite date.
  • Maintain compliance by utilizing the expertise and knowledge professionals including over 65 Certified Professional Coders (CPCs). Our team of Coders and billing professionals know and understand the complexity of the ever-changing healthcare environment. Our Compliance Division diligently monitors both regulatory bodies as well as insurance payors to ensure that our clients are protected and compliant.
  • Enhance efficiency and profitability of your medical practice in Florida by employing experienced and dedicated professionals who are experts in the industry. HIS’ team works to optimize workflows and increase revenues to position your practice as a more profitable business. We evaluate your practice and implement “best practices” to provide for a more efficient Florida practice that will lower overhead costs and improve overall profitability.
  • While HIS is managing your revenue cycle, maximizing your reimbursements and collections, you can focus on providing quality care to your patients and building your Florida practice. The streamlined HIS process relieves you from the stress and strain of dealing with collections and denial of claims. You will no longer have to dedicate space and personnel to this task which will save you money on your overhead expenses. You can rest easy knowing your practice has become more profitable and cash flow issues have been resolved.