ICD-10 Coding in New Jersey

Do you have a radiology practice in New Jersey? If so, you understand the constant struggle to provide optimal patient care while keeping up with the back-end information of your practice. Health Information Services (HIS) is here to help. We provide comprehensive management and training of ICD-10 for radiology practices in NJ.

ICD stands for the International Classification of Diseases. The newest update to the code is ICD-10, the tenth revision. This version expands upon the 17,000 codes to now include over 69,000 codes. Learning all of these new codes for treatments, procedures, and diagnosis can get extremely overwhelming for people not familiar with ICD-10 for radiology. This is where HIS is here to fill in the gaps.

ICD-10 went into effect nation wide in October of 2015, and many radiology practices were left feeling unprepared and overwhelmed with the switch from ICD-9. If your radiology practice in New Jersey is feeling the effects of a rocky start with ICD-10, then HIS is here to help you make the transition. We will get your practice on track to be more profitable and organized as you adjust to the coding involved with ICD-10 in New Jersey.

New Jersey ICD-10 Coding for Radiology

HIS employs a team of over 65 certified professional coders. This outstanding team is ready to help you radiology practice in NJ to reach its full potential. When you outsource your radiology practice’s Revenue Cycle Management to HIS means you can focus on providing the highest standard of care to your patients, while we handle ensuring that you get paid for services rendered. The expert HIS team of coders stays up-to-date on all of the latest radiology billing updates, ensuring that codes and revenue are managed with the utmost efficiency.

HIS will boost the efficiency of your radiology practice in New Jersey and maximize reimbursements. Focus on providing the important, high-quality radiology care to your patients in New Jersey, and HIS will handle the rest. Contact us today to get started.