New Jersey Medical Coding Education

Medical practices in New Jersey are not immune to the headaches caused by the medical coding and billing process. If your New Jersey practice is looking to streamline the coding process, but doesn’t want to outsource revenue cycle management, then HIS is here to help. Health Information Services (HIS) provides comprehensive coding education in New Jersey along with our expert consulting services. Our coding education team is lead by certified professional medical coders skilled in educating professionals on accurate revenue management and coding.

Precise and accurate medical coding is extremely important for maximizing reimbursements and profits. The medical coding education in NJ, provided by HIS, will teach your team to increase efficiency and workflow. The complexities of medical coding continue to grow, especially since the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Without proper coding education in this new system, your practice cannot function at its best capabilities.

New Jersey Medical Coding Education and Support

When your employees in New Jersey are well trained in medical coding, they will file more accurate claims. This will immediately affect the amount of claims accepted, allowing more reimbursements to flow in to your medical practice.

What’s Included:

When signing up for coding education in NJ, you will receive full support from the HIS team. This includes:

  • Professional Medical Coding Curriculum (PMCC) – Preparation for the Certified Professional Coder (CPC®) examination
  • Practice Manager Training Course – Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®)
  • Coding Analysis and Audit – Surgical and E&M
  • Customized Coding Consulting and Education Program – HIS will design a coding program based on the specific needs of your practice
  • ICD-10 training for coders – ICD-10 Proficiency Assessment that satisfies AAPC Certification Maintenance Requirement for ICD-10-CM

Throughout the training process, you will have full access to all of HIS’ tools and support. We want your employees to feel confident and well trained in their abilities to code, so that you see the highest possible return on investment. The information provided in the HIS training sessions is guaranteed to make your team better at the entire coding process.

If you are interested in coding education and consulting in New Jersey, then contact the professionals at HIS today. We are awaiting your call to share more information on improving the efficiency and profitability of your medical practice in NJ.