Revenue Cycle Management in NJ

New Jersey, affectionately known as The Garden State, is home to nearly 9 million residents. Most of these people require healthcare at some point in their lives, meaning lots of business for healthcare practices and hospitals in New Jersey.

Do you have a healthcare practice in the state of New Jersey? Practices and hospitals lose shocking amounts of money each year due to improper revenue cycle management. With the increasing financial pressure put on the entire healthcare industry, you cannot risk losing even the smallest claims because aftertime they can add up to large sums of lost revenue. Revenue cycle management is the entire process of managing and coding claims, determining insurance eligibility, collecting co-pays and collecting reimbursements and revenue due. Without expert management of the revenue cycle in New Jersey, healthcare practices are missing out on the hard earned money they deserve for services rendered.

New Jersey Revenue Cycle Management

Fortunately, Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is here to help healthcare practices in New Jersey with revenue cycle management. Our team of professionals is dedicated to saving practices money and recovering lost revenue. We streamline the entire management process in NJ so that registering patients, verifying insurance eligibility and providers, and posting payments is all done in a reliable and efficient manner.

With over 65 experienced and Certified Professional Coders working for HIS, you can trust that the revenue cycle of your New Jersey healthcare practice will be managed with expert care. With over three decades of experience, we have the capabilities to determine the best method of revenue cycle management to meet the needs of your unique healthcare practice in NJ.

At Healthcare Information Services, you can trust that we will:

  • Speed up cash flow
  • Maximize reimbursements in NJ
  • Create an effective coding process
  • Manage denials and appeals
  • Minimize billing errors
  • Speed up the collection process
  • Increase reimbursements
  • Boos profitability of your practice

The care that we give each and every client in the state of New Jersey goes far beyond what any typical billing company will provide. HIS is not a billing company. We are a physician management organization built on a foundation of excellence and a partnership driven client-centric model. Our results-driven approach to revenue cycle management in New Jersey will save your practice time and money on the entire revenue process.

If you are ready to make your healthcare practice in New Jersey more profitable, then it is time to contact HIS to discuss our revenue cycle management services. Fill out a contact form to get in touch with one of our expert representatives, or call us directly at 844-806-3745. On behalf of Healthcare Information Services, we look forward to working with you in New Jersey!