The Dynamic and Ever Changing World of Medical Coding

ICD-10 Medical Coding

Every Changing World of Medical Coding With a complicated, frequently changing coding system, medical billing services teams are constantly challenged to stay current. The healthcare industry, ergo, medical billing and coding, is dynamic due to advances in technology, surgical procedures, treatment protocols and changes in how payers reimburse physicians and hospitals. The medical billing services company with whom you partner must have proven processes for identifying, tracking and reporting variances and abberations in billing patterns. It is not sufficient to rely on software and technology to correctly code and bill for services: a combination of certified medical billing coders, a rigorous compliance system, well designed software and excellent analytics is required.

It is estimated that when physicians offices have their medical billing services performed in house the clean claims rate is estimated at 70-80 percent; illustrating the possibility that  a significant amount of claims may contain errors, resulting in slow payment or denial of payment. A medical billing services team can reduce your practice’s coding and billing errors; trained medical coders are able to spot discrepancies and abberations that may indicate fraud. But not all services are created equal: it is imperative that you hire a company with a reputation for industry excellence. The following are prerequisites for your medical billing services team:

  • All coders are certified.

  • The company providing your medical coders performed extensive background checks on its employees.

  • The company has a well developed and executed Audit and Compliance program.

A partnership with Healthcare Information Services, LLC, an industry leader in Revenue Cycle Management services, will help you to improve your revenue cycle by reducing errors in your coding and claims practices. HIS’s Auditing and Compliance Program was developed to improve your revenue by capturing all billable services timely and error free. All HIS medical coders are certified and stay current with changes to codes and procedures, even the ICD-10 implementation scheduled for a October 1, 2013 launch.

Clean claims that result in fast payment require diligence and constant engagement, both from the company you hire and your practice. To maximize revenue and improve your practice’s potential for long term success, partner with HIS, the healthcare information technology company with unimpeachable credentials, and a strong reputation, and a solid plan to keep you 100% compliant.

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