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Although medical procedures, operations and diagnosis all have officially titled names, there’s a matching resource code attached to it. This code represents the procedure for paperwork and medical billing services. Coding condenses the necessary information placed on a billing statement, as most medical terms and operations have a rather long technical name. For individuals in charge of inputting the coding into a computer databank, it is essential to match the correct code with the corresponding term. There are thousands of different codes though, so regardless of how familiar the staff is with coding, having several available resource options on hand is wise, to prevent possible errors from entering a medical billing services record system. 

Official ICD-10CM Medial Coding Booklet

The official ICD-10-CM medical coding booklet contains all possible medical procedures and operations with the corresponding codes. This handbook is complete, so every code in existence is available here, but the main downside is its difficulty of use. Unless the exact title of the operation matches that which is given in the book, it is nearly impossible to locate the code. Always keep this book on hand, but it’s better suited for a last resource option.

Medical Coding Resources Websites 

Most medical billing services are input directly on a computer, if not through the Internet or network connection, so coding recourses located online are exceptionally helpful. The website breaks down all procedures into further sections and guidelines. The website also provides a link to the official medical coding booklet (via the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention government agency website), so if the medical handbook is not nearby, the link ensures readily available information with a standard Internet connection. The site includes further back links to government websites focused on specific operations and diseases for most included coding, should additional information be required. 

AAPC is another great resource. AAPC certifications encompass everything from the physician office, medical compliance, and nearly everything in between. They offer continuing education through local chapters, workshops, webinars, a monthly newsmagazine (Coding Edge), other publications, and conferences.

Medical Coding Certification Courses

Most medical colleges and trade schools offer a medical coding certification course. This course instructs users of exactly how to locate and identify the correct coding, so medical billing services information is always correct. Hiring a certified individual, or having staff members complete a certification course is a valuable asset, and not only does this significantly reduces the number or likelihood of errors but increases the efficiency and amount of work done, as the individual no longer is required to look up and double-check every code input into medical billing services recording accounts.

At HIS, we also offer coding certification courses.  Our Sr. Director of Coding Education and Compliance, Lynn Anderanin, CPC, CPC-I, is a licensed instructor. With over 28 years experience in all areas of the physician practice including as a Practice Administrator, Billing Manager, and Director of Operations, her experience is primarily in the specialties of Orthopedics, Rheumatology, and Hematology/Oncology. 

Lynn is also the founder of the first local Chapter of the AAPC in Chicago, which is now 15 years old, and a former member of the AAPC National Advisory Board as well as other Boards for the AAPC.

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