Alabama Medical Practice Management

At Healthcare Information Services (HIS), we value you as our client the same way you value your patients. When a challenge arises within your medical practice, we want to know so we can find the right solution and get you back on track. We work with orthopedic and radiology companies across the country, including Alabama, specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services. Our team of healthcare and business professionals will leverage their extensive knowledge and experience in your industry to deliver measurable results and improve overall practice efficiency.

Practice Management And Consulting In Alabama

Practice management and consulting is one of the main services offered at HIS, which is designed to help manage all business aspects of your practice. Practice management involves the oversight of daily operations, financials, HR, marketing, IT, compliance, and more. No matter the size or complexity of your business, our goal is to help ease the burden so you can focus on delivering high-quality patient care. Our main focuses include:

We Are More Than A Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management In Alabama

At HIS, we have three decades of experience providing effective revenue cycle management (RCM) and billing services in healthcare companies. Clients usually see an 11.2% increase in overall reimbursements when outsourcing their RCM to us. RCM involves claims submission, cash posting, denials management/resolution, appeal management/resolution, and coding. When you implement successful RCM processes from the beginning, your practice will grow exponentially.

Coding & Remote Monitoring In Alabama

Every insurance provider your practice works with has different expectations for billing and compliance standards are becoming increasingly complex throughout the healthcare industry. Our team of 65 certified professional coders will work directly with you to deliver proper coding education and consulting services for your employees, so you can be confident in the performance of your business.

In addition to coding, HIS also offers remote monitoring services for medical practices in Alabama. Accurate reporting and monitoring of claims, as well as key business metrics can make or break your business. We can assist you in developing the right reports to maintain proper cash flow and drastically speed up turnaround times. Contact us today for more information.

Where HIS Provides Medical Practice Management Services

At HIS, we provide our services to orthopedic and radiology practices not only in Alabama but around the country. We serve the following states with comprehensive medical practice management:

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