Pennsylvania Medical Practice Management

When you choose to work with Healthcare Information Services (HIS), you have a true partner dedicated to enhancing the performance of your Pennsylvania medical practice. We have a team of 225 healthcare and business professionals who offer an extensive array of knowledge and expertise to guide decision-making and support all aspects of your organization. From revenue cycle management to coding education and consulting, our comprehensive suite of services is available to you on an as-needed basis. At HIS, we are committed to providing the highest quality medical practice management for those in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.

Practice Management And Consulting In Pennsylvania

Despite how long your orthopedic or radiology practice has been in operation, managing the day-to-day tasks while delivering the best care to your patients can be challenging. At HIS, we provide healthcare companies in Pennsylvania with a wide range of practice management and consulting services. With our help, you and your staff will be better positioned to navigate the demands of the industry, which are constantly changing. The following are our primary focus areas:

We Are More Than A Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management In Pennsylvania

Revenue cycle management (RCM) is one of our specialty offerings at HIS. We understand the importance of a reliable and effective revenue cycle and how it affects your company’s turnaround time as well as its profitability. Developing the right RCM processes requires a particular set of skills and attention to detail, which our team can provide. RCM typically includes claims submission, cash posting, denials management/resolution, appeal management/resolution, and coding.

Coding & Remote Monitoring In Pennsylvania

If your staff is properly trained in medical coding, this is an invaluable asset that will set you apart from other companies in your industry. Accurate coding can lead to greater revenue and more efficient operations, and eliminate long waits for reimbursements. The experts at HIS can provide your team with high-quality coding education and consulting services, including ongoing training to stay up-to-date with insurance and compliance updates and changes. 

We also offer remote monitoring services for our clients in Pennsylvania to help them understand the most valuable revenue streams, along with the ins and outs of their practice’s overall performance. We will help you identify critical reporting areas so you can better interpret data and make informed decisions moving forward. To learn more, please contact us to speak with a specialist at HIS.

Where HIS Provides Medical Practice Management Services

HIS is committed to being your trusted source for medical practice management in Pennsylvania. We are proud to offer our services across the country, including the following states:

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