Practice Manager Training Course

lady showing revenue cycle management billing chart 1

Managing a physician’s office or practice requires a wide range of skills. These skills include expertise in various management processes, revenue cycle management, medical coding and billing, human resources, and even marketing! This wide range of required skills will be called upon each day you work as a Practice Manager. So how do you prepare for such a job? Fortunately, there is a training course available known as the Practice Manager Training Course, which prepares a practice manager to become a Certified Physician Practice Manager (CPPM®).

At Healthcare Information Services (HIS) we often see practice managers overwhelmed at the various tasks they have to deal with each and every day- many of which they do not feel 100% confident handling. A job with so much responsibility should require proper training to ensure the utmost efficiency of a practice. This is why HIS proudly offers the Practice Manager Training Course; we want our clients to feel absolutely confident in who is running their practice. When the practice manager is a CPPM, both you and the manager can rest assured that they have the necessary skills and knowledge to handle all of the various tasks.

Contact HIS today to learn more about our Practice Manager Training Course to prepare managers to become Certified Physician Practice Managers. HIS has highly trained educators ready to train you in all areas of practice management, yielding greater efficiencies and confidence in your practice management.