Customized Coding Consulting and Education Program

Each medical practice is different. Whether you are a large healthcare system, solo practice, or somewhere in-between- you are going to have different internal needs when it comes to your medical billing processes. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) understands the unique situations that practices face each day, which is why we work with practices individually to develop a customized plan. Our Customized Coding Consulting and Education program allows us to do just that.

HIS will design a custom-coding program based on the specific needs of your practice. Our experts are skilled and experienced in training healthcare providers and professionals the ins and outs of coding to ensure they are able to run efficient practices. At HIS, education is important to us. We will ensure your entire team is up to date on the latest changes in medical coding. Our customized consulting service will also help to identify areas of weakness and inefficiency within your practice so that changes can be made appropriately.

Contact HIS today to learn more about our Customized Coding Consulting and Education Program. We are excited at the prospect of working with you and your practice.