Coding Analysis and Audit

Chances are, your practice is not functioning at its highest potential if your documentation and coding for both E&M and surgical procedures is not done in full ,to the highest specificity, and correctly, your medical practice is missing out from reimbursements that it is entitled to and leaving revenue on the table. This is where Healthcare Information Services (HIS) comes in with our Coding Analysis and Audit. At HIS, we will assess how much money is being lost due to incorrect or incomplete coding and documentation. We will ensure that coding and documenting processes are accurate, and guide you on what to do if they are not. This may involve outsourcing the entire process to HIS expertly trained and experienced CPC’s in order to return the maximum reimbursements to your practice.

Our Coding Analysis and Audit service will look at E&M and surgical codes to determine where revenue may be lost and compliance may need additional attention.. This audit will help you to make a decision moving forward to train doctors how to properly document their office visits and procedures, and to have our professionals come in and handle all aspects of Revenue Cycle Management.

Whatever you decide to do as a practice, it is important to recognize where opportunities may be to maximize profits and compliance. At HIS, our Coding Analysis and Audit is led by industry experts, so you will know exactly how to move forward. Contact us today to see how HIS can help your medical practice grow.