Ancillary Services

As an orthopedic practice, you may be considering adding ancillary services to better serve your patients. Ancillary services are wide ranging, but usually focus on physical therapy, occupational therapy, diagnostic imaging (MRI, CT, etc.), radiation therapy, wellness, athletic training, nutrition therapy and/or weight management. Offering these ancillary services is a great way to boost revenues for orthopedic practices and expand your ability to serve your varying patients need. In order to be successful, the implementation and execution of these services needs to be well managed.

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) provides orthopedic practice management and consulting services to practices looking to improve upon existing or implement new ancillary services. In addition to setting up your ancillary services, whether your medical billing team needs help learning the corresponding ICD-10 codes to these new treatments, or you want complete management of your Revenue Cycle, HIS is prepared to help your orthopedic practice succeed. With proper training, consulting, and/or management, your orthopedic practice will be prepared for a more profitable future.

If you are interested in practice management and consulting for ancillary services, HIS is awaiting your call. Contact us today to get started.