Executive Recruitment

Filling high-level positions within your orthopedic practice is difficult. You have a list of qualifications and skills you want them to hold, while also fitting in with the culture you have created at the practice. Recruiting should be left to the professionals- especially executive recruiting. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) has extensive experience in executive recruiting for orthopedic practices.

HIS will take the time to get to know your staff, efficiencies, and kind of executive management that will best suit your practice. It is important to us that the executive joining your team fits in and is able to make your orthopedic practice even better. Our goal is to increase efficiencies, profitability, and long-term stability of your practice.

If you are in need of executive recruitment services for an orthopedic practice, then contact HIS today. Our experience in recruiting senior-level employees for orthopedic practices has helped to increase efficiency and workflow around the country.