Practice Management & Consulting

Practice Management & Consulting 

Running a medical practice can be extremely challenging, despite how many years of experience you have in the field. Practice management is the process of managing all business aspects of a medical practice, including financials, HR, daily operations, IT, marketing, compliance, et al. In order to navigate the ever-changing demands of the healthcare industry, companies should seriously consider hiring a practice management and consulting firm. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) provides comprehensive practice management services for those throughout the United States. 

Medical Practice Management & Consulting Services

At HIS, our expert staff specializes in practice management and consulting for healthcare practices with an expertise in orthopedic and radiology practices. With 225 healthcare professionals, including 65 certified professional coders, we are prepared to take on your practice’s greatest challenges. Our primary focuses include: 

Meet Our Executive Team

HIS is led by an experienced team of executives who is involved in all aspects of our business, as well as the success of our partners’ businesses. Their skill sets and extensive knowledge of the industry, especially in practice management and consulting, provide our partners with the necessary tools and expertise to grow their practices. 

  • David J. Wold, CHBC, CEO

  • David M. D’Silva, COO

  • Richard Sanchez, Vice President

Why Choose Healthcare Information Services?

A New Perspective

When you trust HIS with your practice management and consulting services, you have a unique advantage over competitors in your market. The ability to leverage new ideas and a fresh set of eyes dramatically increases your competitive edge. We have real-world knowledge, having sat in the C-suite of various practices, large and small, throughout the country. We come with a unique and specific expertise in orthopedic and radiology practices. The scope of our services reaches well beyond the revenue cycle and comes from nearly four decades of real-world experience in healthcare executive leadership roles; an invaluable asset that we pride ourselves on.

Commitment to Long-Term Relationships

The trusting and long-lasting relationships we build with our clients carry substantial weight and are vital to our mutual success. The partnership formed lays the foundation for aligned goals and objectives providing for sustained growth and maximum profitability. We take the time to properly assess your practice, learning the nuances of your individual business and investing the necessary resources to lead you on the path to success. Maintaining a personal connection with physicians by providing guidance whenever possible and monitoring the impact of changes sets us apart from other consulting companies.

Outsource Your Practice Management & Consulting to HIS

Through high-quality practice management and consulting, HIS can help healthcare practices manage their day-to-day operations more efficiently and effectively. No matter the size or complexity of your business, we will provide you the tools to have your operations running smoothly – from office workflow, to ancillary service lines, to managing your revenue cycle. 

Trusting your practice management and consulting needs to HIS allows your company to implement strategies for optimizing productivity and increasing profitability. After assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your current operations, our team of experienced professionals will offer recommendations for growing your business and increasing revenue. Contact us today to schedule a free evaluation with a member of our team!

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