Marketing Consulting

Marketing Consultants for Healthcare Practices

Building and maintaining a professional reputation remains paramount for retaining current clients and attracting new ones. Medical practices need more than just “feel-good” marketing to be successful. Competition in the healthcare industry has grown immensely among all specialties, which may not be so apparent without in-depth research and analysis. If you are looking to improve your practice’s marketing efforts, you may want to consider hiring marketing consultants. At Healthcare Information Services (HIS), we take the lead and develop solutions that will make your practice more competitive in the marketplace. 

Medical Marketing Consulting Services

At HIS, the goal of marketing consulting is to promote the consistent growth of your orthopedic or radiology practice through custom-tailored solutions. Our marketing capabilities include a full suite of digital marketing services from search engine optimization to website development. The following is a brief list of our responsibilities as your practice’s marketing consultant:

  • Deciphering consumer behavior
  • Analyze the current and future branding of the practice
  • Demonstrate lifetime value of the practice 
  • Social media and email marketing campaigns to increase engagement
  • Content creation and coordination on digital platforms
  • Search engine optimization to increase organic search rankings online
  • Track and analyze analytics results

Why Work With HIS?

Overcommunication and substantial knowledge of business are essential to the perfect marketing strategy.  However, a consultant with no background in healthcare provider assistance will not prove valuable to those in such a specific niche industry. That is why we have built a team of leaders who can offer a well-rounded approach to the entire marketing process. At HIS, our specialized consultants will help identify your goals and study the market’s potential to determine the biggest impact for your practice.

Leading Healthcare Marketing Consultants

HIS can help your medical practice improve relations with pre-existing clients, as well as expand into new markets with a strong foundation. If you’re interested in our marketing consultant services, contact us today for more information, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.