Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

A healthy revenue cycle is crucial to the viability of any business, including radiology practices. Medical companies in particular hold a responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the business are running smoothly, for the sake of your employees, patients, insurance providers, and other major stakeholders. Healthcare regulations and reimbursement models are constantly changing, so it is important to be nimble and adaptive at all times. Choosing to partner with a physician management company, such as Healthcare Information Services (HIS), can help ease the burden of day-to-day operations. You focus on providing the highest quality care for patients – let HIS handle the rest. 

Radiology Revenue Cycle Management Services

HIS is made up of 225 healthcare professionals, including 65 certified professional coders, who work diligently to provide our clients with outstanding services every single day. We offer a range of revenue management services to radiology practices across the United States. Our main focuses include:

Clean Claims Submission 

Before a claim is qualified for reimbursement, it goes through a multi-step process. HIS can increase your reimbursements with clean claims. Our system scrubs codes according to payor guidelines and Dx rules achieving lower back-end denial rates. Submit your claim with all necessary documentation to expedite the process and increase the chances that your claim will be approved. 

Cash Posting

Once a claim has been successfully processed, the payment is available for the patient to access. We can increase the speed of your claims submission with error–free, fast charge posting, and eliminate delays due to unforeseen staffing issues within your radiology clinic.

Denials Management/Resolution

In some cases, your claim may be denied by the insurance company. Do you know how often claims are denied for services rendered at your facility? If so, we can help you identify and resolve inefficiencies in your practice’s workflow that can help you avoid this in the future.  

Appeal Management/ Resolution

When a claim gets denied, you should always ask “Why?” and determine the root of the issue. Get your staff in the habit of submitting appeals within seven days of denial to avoid the risk of missing the insurer’s filing deadline. HIS will help you examine their rationale for denial and submit an appeal with evidence to back your claim. Be mindful to follow-up and confirm whether or not your appeal had any effect. 

Coding Services

At HIS, we also provide a range of coding services to radiology practices, including coding education and consulting. Proper coding education is essential to the success of your business, as well-trained, confident employees will code more accurately and maximize reimbursements for your practice. 

Lynn Anderanin, HIS Senior Director of Coding Education and Compliance, leads our medical coding team and is a CPC, CPPM, CPC-I, COSC, and an AAPC Approved ICD-10-CM Instructor. Lynn and our team at HIS promise to keep your practice compliant with changes in government regulations and payor policies while improving documentation to maximize your reimbursement. HIS knows and understands the complexity of the healthcare environment and will ensure your practice is compliant – no matter what.

Why Choose Healthcare Information Services?

HIS is committed to understanding the specific needs of your practice and creating customized solutions that make sense for your business. We take great pride in the relationships we build with our clients and invest the necessary time and resources to help them achieve their goals. Our team has over three decades of experience in the healthcare industry, so we guarantee that you will be in good hands. Our passion for what we do is what drives us to deliver exceptional service to radiology practices just like yours.

Leading Revenue Cycle Management for Radiology Practices

At HIS, we live and breathe radiology. We do our research and leverage our expertise to make your practice stand out among the rest. Once you trust us to manage your revenue cycle, your practice will see results you’ve never imagined – increased cash flow, maximized reimbursements, and increased profitability. Stop searching and partner with HIS. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you. We look forward to working with you!

Radiology RCM Analysis

Are you missing out on potential profit? Our team of experts will take an in-depth look at the functions of your radiology practice’s revenue cycle to ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible.