Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

There are few sectors of the American economy more complex than healthcare. The ever-changing landscape in the medical field in the United States makes everything from providing care to collecting reimbursement difficult.

Great radiology billing partners are hard to find. Stop searching and partner with HIS. Trust HIS to manage your revenue cycle to speed up cash flow, maximize reimbursements, and boost overall profitability of your practice.


HIS’ radiology revenue cycle management and billing services will increase revenue for your practice and ensure detail is paid to each step in the process completed effectively and compliant in order to get you paid accurately and efficiently for the services provided.

With HIS managing your revenue cycle you’ll see:

  • Increased Practice Profitability
HIS is the leading provider in healthcare reimbursement and technology. Our Radiology Division has set the industry standard for revenue cycle management by focusing beyond reimbursement to increase your practice’s bottom line and profitability.
  • Improved Efficiency of Coding
HIS provides an enhanced understanding of coding guidelines. With over 30 years of experience, our staff of 225 professionals, including over 65 certified coders, understand the most complex management systems and clinical issues. Each report is read by a certified coder to ensure all charges are being captured and compliant.
  • Customized Coding Education Program
Our team of radiology experts will customize a coding education program that is tailored to your practice’s needs. We meet with you to access and audit your dictation to help ensure maximum allowable reimbursement.
  • Excellent Charge Capture
At HIS, we provide you automated manifest reconciliation to help increase your reimbursements. We accomplish this with variance lists (hospital CDM coding vs. MD documentation) and prospective & retrospective audits by modality.
  • Clean Claims and Increased Submission Rate
HIS can increase your reimbursements with clean claims. Our system scrubs codes according to payor guidelines and Dx rules achieving lower back-end denial rates. We can increase the speed of your claims submission with error–free, fast charge posting, and eliminate delays due to unforeseen staffing issues within your clinic.

HIS sits down to evaluate each practice we partner with, developing and implementing a system of best practices improving the health of your revenue cycle making it more effective and efficient improving your practice’s overall profitability.


The team at HIS will continually go above and beyond for your radiology practice. Our revenue cycle experts keep you up-to-date with government regulations, payor policies, and negative changes in practice volume and payor mix. We continually learn detailed metrics and key indicators to thoroughly understand the financial health of your practice and provide you with the valuable information you need to make business decisions for your practice.

When you outsource your revenue cycle management to HIS, you will see increased cash flow, maximized reimbursements, and increased profitability.

Our strategy for revenue cycle management is to tightly control a detailed management of the entire process to ensure your practice is paid accurately and promptly for services provided. HIS will make your practice more profitable and will provide your practice with the necessary information about your business so you’re equipped to make informed decisions for the future. HIS is a much-needed partner in an industry in constant upheaval.

We know you have a lot of choices, so why work with HIS? Simply put, HIS has the experience and dedication necessary to help you succeed. With more than 30 years of experience in the healthcare industry and over 65 Certified Professional Coders, HIS can deliver real improvements to the revenue cycle and to the profitability of your radiology practice.

Let HIS manage your revenue cycle and maximize reimbursements and collections, so you can focus on providing quality care to your patients and building the success of your practice.

Radiology RCM Analysis

Are you missing out on potential profit? Our team of experts will take an in-depth look at the functions of your radiology practice’s revenue cycle to ensure you’re operating as efficiently as possible.