Radiology Staffing Assessment

Your staff is the heart of your radiology practice. Without the right team working together, a business is bound to fail. The staff at a radiology practice works closely with patients each day. These are the first faces your patients see when they walk through the doors, and they are the voices on the phone when patients inquire about your radiology services. If your radiology practice manages the revenue cycle and billing internally, and your staff is not up-to-par, they could be costing you a lot of business.

But how do you know if your radiology team is performing well? Sometimes in the day-to-day rush of things, it becomes hard to pay attention to the little things that impact a patient’s experience at your radiology practice. This is where Health Information Services (HIS) comes in. HIS will perform a staffing assessment to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your radiology staff, so that improvements can be made and training can begin.

A radiology staffing assessment provided by Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is an excellent method for determining where inefficiencies lie within your staff. Our experts in ICD-10 coding, billing, and revenue cycle management will train your radiology staff in all the necessary technologies and tools to be successful.

The unique operations of radiology practices deserve individualized attention. HIS has years of experience in creating more efficient and profitable radiology practices. If you are interested in a staffing assessment for your radiology practice, or any of our other services, then please contact us today.