Revenue Cycle Management

Healthcare Information Services provides expert level RCM services that maximize reimbursements, increase efficiencies, and make your practice more profitable.


Although RCM is about more than just collections and billing reimbursement, one of the greatest benefits HIS revenue cycle management delivers is increased revenue. A reliable and effective revenue cycle process can speed up turnaround- time on claims, turning your services into cash faster. More importantly, efficient filing with various insurance companies and proper coding for different services avoids refiling costs and delays in reimbursement.

Overall, reliable RCM services like those provided by HIS, make your office more efficient from front to back. The process of registering new patients, verifying insurance eligibility, properly submitting claims to varying providers, and payment posting all occur with greater efficiency when a reliable RCM process is in place.


HIS excels in RCM, and not just because we have 65 Certified Professional Coders and nearly three decades of experience, but because we work as your partner. At HIS, we manage the revenue cycle for your practice in the manner that best suits you and is specific to your specialty and practice. We’ll speed up cash flow and maximize reimbursements through effective coding process, denial management and appeals process all designed to minimize billing errors, increase your reimbursements and speed up your collections.

Our comprehensive suite of services in our revenue cycle management process goes well beyond that of a typical billing company. We foster a partnership that delivers results.

A More Efficient Billing & Revenue Cycle

Don't leave money on the table. This checklist will help you discover areas of opportunity to make the management of your revenue cycle more efficient.