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When your partner with Healthcare Information Services (HIS), we take care of managing the lifeline of your business so you can focus on the health and well being of your patients and the success of your practice.

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Who Is HIS?

Healthcare Information Services, or HIS, is a physician management company specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services with three decades of experience working with medical professionals from Orthopedics and Radiology.

Our Executive team, David J. Wold and Richard Sanchez, are known for their leadership and expertise in the industry. They ensure HIS maintains our values of service, courtesy, and professionalism.

Our mission is to support the management side of your practice so that you and your fellow physicians, nurses, assistants, and staff can take care of your patients’ needs.

We provide industry-leading revenue cycle management and billing services to empower your practice with streamlined financial and management operations, and enable you to collect maximum reimbursements for the services rendered to your patients.

We strive to provide open and clear communication with each practice we work with so the services you receive from us exceed your expectations. When something isn’t working, we want to know so we can find the right solution for your practice. We value you as our client the same way you value your patients. You listen to their concerns and problems, and react in kind. When you work with HIS, we do the same for you.

What HIS Does For You

HIS has more than three decades of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management, billing, coding, management, and consulting experience. Whether your practice is struggling to collect reimbursements or business operations are inefficient, HIS will make your practice more efficient, increase compliance, and most of all – boost profitability.

HIS Clients typically see an 11.2% or greater increase in overall reimbursements as a result of outsourcing the management of their revenue cycle to us. Our team of experts will maximize reimbursement, increase cash flow, keep your practice compliant, and boost the profitability of your practice.

We know orthopedics and radiology, and we know it better than anyone else. We’ve spent years learning, experiencing, and perfecting all aspects of radiology and orthopedic practices to build an unmatched level of service and knowledge. At HIS, we have two established divisions for Orthopedic and Radiology. Within these areas, we expertly train specialized teams to be the best in our industry.

Partner with HIS to see maximum results!

Experience The HIS Difference

Regardless of the HIS service you receive, from revenue cycle management (RCM) and consultation to medical coding education for your staff, you’ll have a partner invested in the success of your practice. We define our success by the level of success of our clients. When our services empower your practice to operate more efficiently, increase maximum reimbursement levels, and help your practice achieve a higher monthly income, that’s a win for HIS too.

With over 30 years of experience in the real-world, day-to-day life of the healthcare industry, our knowledge and expertise will allow your practice to excel. Our dedicated expertly trained professionals, state-of-the-art technology, and history of success help us promise that with HIS, you’re gaining a true partner for your practice; a partner committed to success.

The only way to truly experience the HIS difference is to begin a partnership with us. Talk to one of our specialists about revenue cycle management, practice management consultation, medical coding, and education to learn more about how HIS can help your practice get on steady financial footing, and stay there in the future.

Partner of Success

At HIS, we pride ourselves on being a resource clients love. See what our clients have to say about us.

"As a radiologist, I’ve witnessed first-hand the complexities and challenges involved in the revenue cycle process requiring a high level of expertise and precision. With HIS, we have been able to st…”
"What impressed me most is the level of communication, transparency, and analytical reporting. From the initial assessment of our practice’s needs to the ongoing managing of our revenue cycle, we have …”
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