Coding Education & Consulting

Proper coding education for your office staff can mean greater revenue and more efficient operations, rather than costly refiling efforts and longer waits for reimbursement. If medical coding is causing a headache in your clinic, Healthcare Information Services (HIS) has certified professional medical coders capable of providing medical coding education to your staff to streamline the process, enhance efficiency, and boost revenue.


Every insurance provider your clinic deals with has different standards for billing, and medical billing and coding are becoming increasingly complex. As the level of complexity rises, the value of coding certification increases.

With medical coding training from a certified professional, your clinic will see a number of benefits. First and foremost, you’ll experience an increase in the efficiency of the workflow in your office.

Confident, well-trained employees will code more accurately, making it easier to file claim and receive reimbursement. With cleaner claims, your revenue will increase as fewer claims are rejected or denied and refilling and appeal costs are minimized.


The medical coding team at HIS consists of more than 65 certified professional coders, and is led by Lynn Anderanin, HIS Senior Director of Coding Education and Compliance is a CPC, CPPM, CPC-I, COSC, and an AAPC Approved ICD-10-CM Instructor.

There’s no reason to let coding transitions and changes affect the efficiency and profitability of your practice. HIS offers medical coding training for practices in various industries to ensure your staff has the skills and confidence necessary to adapt to the change. We also provide ongoing medical coding training that includes onsite instruction, preparation assistance for AAPC proficiency assessments, and 15 hours of continuing education units for your coders.

HIS’ support for your medical coding education doesn’t stop at an assessment. As long as you work with HIS, you’ll be partnered with a dedicated employee that gets to know your practice front to back, ensuring a solid relationship with HIS throughout the medical coding training process.


Struggling with the transition to ICD-10?

You don't have to face this transition alone - let HIS help. This free guide will help you understand ICD-10 and give you the resources to convert your top ICD-9 codes to ICD-10.