Business Development

Healthcare Business Development

In the past, healthcare companies had little to do with business development and marketing efforts. New patients flowed in through word of mouth and physician referrals while existing patients stuck around for generations. With greater access to information about their wellbeing and diagnosis of possible health conditions, patients are taking control of their own healthcare experience. In today’s competitive market, medical practices need to be more strategic when it comes to patient retention and acquisition. Healthcare Information Services (HIS) provides comprehensive practice management and consulting services, including business development, so your practice can grow and thrive.

Business Development Management 

At HIS, we are committed to helping our clients set goals for their organizations and develop sustainable, long-term strategies for success. While you are focused on delivering high-quality care for your patients, we dedicate our time to driving more traffic and sales to your practice. Our business development services for orthopedic and radiology practices fall under several categories, including:


  • Strategy Review
  • Business Planning

Practice Development

  • New Practice Openings
  • Expansion, Extension, and Relocation
  • Mergers & Acquisitions


  • Operational Reviews
  • Marketing
  • Financial Management

Why Choose to Work With HIS?

At HIS, we have 225 healthcare professionals and 65 certified professional coders who work tirelessly to address and tackle your practice’s biggest challenges. We leverage our knowledge and extensive expertise in the healthcare industry, allowing us to provide the most valuable recommendations for your orthopedic or radiology practice based on your specific needs. Once we become familiar with the ins and outs of your business, we strive to maintain personal relationships with physicians – closely monitoring the impact of our investments.

Efficient Business Development Services

Healthcare industry demands are changing more quickly than ever before. Running an efficient business requires more than just meeting your required filing obligations. Whether your practice is looking to improve operational efficiency, enhance strategic positions, or grow your business, HIS is the partner for you. Contact us today to learn more about our practice management and consulting services or to speak with one of our highly-experienced staff members.