Medical Practice Governance

Every medical practice is governed to some extent either by an individual owner, a dedicated board of directors, or an outside entity. Governance can be a burden to healthcare providers who already work long hours to care for their patients. Medical practices and groups of all sizes face several challenges that require quick yet thoughtful decision-making. Practices must find ways to cope with regulatory pressures, advanced technologies, stressful payer relationships, and growing patient expectations. At Healthcare Information Services (HIS), our competency and experience in structuring practice governance can help physicians meet those challenges head-on.

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Governance Structure For Medical Practices

As your trusted advisor, we position your orthopedic or radiology practice’s governing body for sustained growth and foundational success. We work to build a framework to garner an insightful and analytical decision-making process that represents the interests of your entire organization and agreed-upon objectives. We will assess the following areas of focus (amongst others) as it relates to understanding the needs, wants, and goals of the physician partners to align the formation of your practice governance structure: 

  • Decision Making
  • Quality Assurance
  • Management Oversight
  • Financial Accountability
  • Strategic Planning
  • Compliance
  • Growth opportunities

When all of these moving parts are working cohesively toward the same goal, your practice will be able to function more effectively and address challenges with more confidence and certainty.

Explore How You Can Pair Practice Governance With Other Solutions For Your Practice

HIS has decades of experience helping medical practices run efficiently and effectively. Our team specializes in a wide range of services in addition to our medical practice governance solutions.

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Why Work With HIS?

At HIS, we make it our mission to provide medical practices with the highest quality consulting and advisory services, keeping your specific needs in mind at all times. After evaluating your current operations, we create a personalized plan of action to deliver measurable, data-driven results. From design to implementation, our team will work closely with you through each stage of the process and ensure that we’ve made a positive impact on your business’s overall performance. With over three decades of experience in the industry, we can provide you with the tools and resources necessary to stay competitive in the long run. 

Effective Consulting and Advisory Services for Practice Governance

HIS offers leading consulting and advisory services to assist in the creation of efficient and effective practice governance for healthcare companies nationwide, and we are proud to be a trusted source for a wide range of practice management and consulting needs. If you’re seeking a partner who understands you and your business, look no further than HIS. Contact us today to speak with a member of our team and schedule a consultation. 

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