Email Marketing for Medical Practices

Any email you send on behalf of your practice is considered email marketing. One simple email can tell your patients who you are and give an overall understanding of how your practice is run. At HIS, we have an experienced team who builds mailing lists, creates email copy and designs email templates to attract your specific audience in order to see the best possible results for your practice’s campaign.

Successful Email Marketing

The goal of your email marketing campaign is to create higher response rates, consistent branding and messaging and to further position your practice as an industry leader. We’ll provide your practice with a direct push marketing effort to obtain more emails and to ensure your campaign grows successfully. By utilizing your social media platforms and your website, HIS can gather more email addresses from potential and current patients. When a full mailing list is created, our team will sit down and come up with a creative marketing strategy for future emails in order to promote your expert services and grow your practice.

Effective Email Marketing Strategy

At HIS, we have analytic insight on the best time to send an email, guaranteeing that as many people as possible are seeing your message. As a part of our services, we’ll provide you with the rate people are opening your email, subscribing / unsubscribing and monitoring the specified actions you have called for. With this information, you’ll be able to see a direct ROI on your practice’s email marketing campaign, allowing us to adjust and come up with solution in the case something isn’t working. We will also incorporate proper linking to your website and social accounts, directing your audience to take action beyond just reading your email.

Sign-Up for Email Marketing with HIS

If you’re interested in connecting with your patients, increasing conversions and directly marketing to your audience – then email marketing might be the perfect tool for your practice. Our team of copywriters, marketing professionals and graphic designers are ready to build you a perfect email marketing campaign in order for your practice to succeed. Contact HIS today to learn more about our email marketing services and the rest of our digital advertising services. We look forward to hearing from you!