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As an esteemed orthopedic surgeon or a diligent practice administrator or executive, your paramount dedication should revolve around addressing the injuries and musculoskeletal disorders of your valued patients. Nevertheless, within the intricate landscape of healthcare in the United States, your responsibilities extend beyond the realm of patient care alone. It is imperative to acknowledge that the delivery of healthcare entails a dual role, one that necessitates effective management of your medical practice as a business entity.

In this regard, Healthcare Information Services (HIS) emerges as the unparalleled industry leader in orthopedic revenue cycle management and billing services. By availing yourself of the expertise offered by HIS, you gain access to a team of seasoned professionals who possess profound knowledge in navigating the financial intricacies of your orthopedic practice. Their invaluable assistance empowers you to streamline and optimize the financial operations of your business, thereby affording you the opportunity to channel your focus towards rendering exemplary orthopedic services of the highest caliber.

With more than 30 years of experience, HIS is the industry leader in orthopedic revenue cycle management and billing services, having developed the first centralized business office designed specifically for orthopedic surgeons almost four decades ago.

Expert Services for Orthopedic Practices

At HIS, we know how difficult it is to run an efficient orthopedic practice. Our experts can help you take an in-depth look at the critical functions of your Orthopedic practice and analyze your revenue cycle’s performance. We make sure your business is operating efficiently and provide a clear understanding of where your practice is in comparison to industry benchmarks and your peers. We offer the following services to help you increase revenue and effectively manage your practice.

Orthopedic Revenue Cycle Management & Billing Services

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) provides comprehensive medical billing services for orthopedic practices of all sizes with unique expertise in large enterprise-size practices.

Orthopedic Practice Management & Consulting

We offer practice management and consulting services to help orthopedic practices lower costs and increase profitability.

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Why Partner With HIS?

We’ll make you more money. Plain and simple. Our services are unmatched, more thorough, and will keep you compliant and profitable. When you work with HIS, you gain a true partner invested in the success of your practice.

Certified Professional Orthopedic Coders

HIS has an experienced roster of Certified Professional Coders (CPCs) to help your orthopedic practice manage complex codes, denials complex appeals, and more. We make it our job to worry about constant changes in government regulations and payor policies, coding issues, denial management, and collections affecting your practice so you can focus on what matters most: helping your patients get to a healthier place in life.

In addition to orthopedic revenue cycle management and billing services, HIS offers orthopedic practice management and consulting to provide assistance in improving management, workflow processes, practice governance, marketing, and establishing strategic goals. We’ll help your practice maximize reimbursements, enhance profitability, and set you up for long-term sustainability that ensures you can help patients for years to come.

We know orthopedics, and we know it better than anyone else.

What Our Practices Are Saying

At HIS, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent results. Our success is defined only by the success of our partners. Maximizing practice profitability is what we are known for and is why the majority of our new practices come through referrals from our current partners. Learn more about how we can help your practice by reading testimonials from our partnering practices.

"As a radiologist, I’ve witnessed first-hand the complexities and challenges involved in the revenue cycle process requiring a high level of expertise and precision. With HIS, we have been able to st…”
"As a busy surgeon, I am always looking for ways to improve the efficiency and profitability of my practice, and your team has consistently exceeded my expectations in this regard. Thank you for your c…”
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