Website Development and Maintenance for Healthcare Practices

Your website is the face of your company, and the first impression a patient gets of your practice. It’s a major factor in persuading a patient to contact you or immediately dismiss you right away. At HIS, we will tailor your website to the way you interact with your audiences online, as well as develop a website that is easy to use and fulfills all of your practices’ goals. With our services, we’ll improve the efficiency of your website and boost the profitability of your practice.

Website Design and Development

When developing your website, we start by creating a focused design, placing ourselves in your target demographic. We decide on formatting, imagery, color palates, and more to get you the perfect site. Once our developers have a final blueprint of the design, they get started on crafting your site from scratch. From HTML5, to Java and Flash, our developers use these platforms to work quickly and accurately to make sure your website goes live in a timely manner.

While building your site, our developers will also follow the best SEO practices to ensure that you have the right set-up to monitor your traffic and search engine results. As a part of the process, our developers will also seamlessly integrate a website content management system (CMS) into your practice’s site that is customized to fit your needs. It will allow you to do everything from updating your blog to customizing different service pages, all from one accessible spot!

Website Hosting

At HIS, we also offer reliable website hosting to keep your website up and running. By hosting your website with us, we ensure your website stays on top of its game with CDN lightning-fast file access that increases server speed load times, SSL heavy duty security to keep your site safe from third-party software, malware or hackers, and access to our secure, personal server. With our website hosting services, your practice’s website will run like a well-oiled machine.

Experience the HIS Difference

Regardless of the HIS service you receive, from revenue cycle management to website development, you’ll have a partner invested in the success of your practice. We define our success by the level of success of our clients. When our services empower your practice to operate more efficiently, that’s a win for HIS too. Learn more about how HIS can help you with website development by contacting us today to get started!

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