Practice Management Services

There is a lot more than healing and helping going on within the walls of your practice. Just as you are defined in many ways, so is Healthcare Information Services. As a robust physician management company that proudly specializes in revenue cycle management services, HIS provides much more to our clients.


At HIS, we have a team of 225 trained and experienced medical and business professionals that bring a vast array of knowledge and expertise in providing your practice with guidance. We are, first and foremost, experts in the fields of orthopedics and radiology , offering 30 years of experience in those focus areas.

We understand your industry, and we can help your practice grow sustainably and operate profitably.


One of our primary services is Revenue Cycle Management (RCM). This complete suite of services is a fluid, comprehensive service that plays a central role in the increased profitability of your business. By outsourcing the management of your revenue cycle to HIS, your office will see drastic improvement to your bottom line. HIS will maximize your reimbursements, improve compliance, speed up cash flow and boost your overall profitability.


HIS provides practice management and consulting services to help you with the aspects of clinic management that might not be your forte or may need an objective review. We provide interim and contracted practice management, contract CEO/CIO/CFO, marketing advice to help grow your brand, compliance and governance assistance to ensure your practice meets standards, and strategic planning to provide for profitable and long-term growth.

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