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Get the opportunity to challenge yourself and take your skills to a whole new level at Healthcare Information Services (HIS). Our mission is to support the management side of our medical clients’ practice so that physicians, nurses, assistants, and staff can focus on their patients’ needs. Be a part of the difference and join the HIS team.

About HIS

At HIS, we are a physician management company specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services. We have over four decades of experience working with medical professionals from a variety of healthcare fields. Whether a practice is struggling to collect reimbursements or business operations are inefficient, we take corrected measures to make the practice more efficient, compliant, and most importantly profitable.

Why HIS?

We provide industry-leading revenue cycle management, consulting, and billing services to empower practices with efficient financial and management options, enabling medical practices to collect maximum reimbursements for services they provide to their patients. We strive to provide open and clear communication with each practice we work with so the services our clients receive exceeds their expectations. We aim to find the right solution for all of our medical clients’ practices, valuing our clients the same way they value their patients. When you come to work with HIS, you’ll uphold this same value.

About the HIS Team

At HIS, our team knows orthopedics and radiology better than anyone else. With our experience and skill set, we provide our clients with the necessary expertise and guidance within our two established divisions for orthopedics and radiology. We’ve spent years learning, experiencing, and perfecting all aspects of radiology and orthopedic practices to create an unparalleled level of service and knowledge. Within these areas, we expertly train specialized teams to be the best in our industry – and you can be a part of that team!

Join the HIS Difference

The only way to truly experience the HIS difference is to join our team. Become one of our specialists to help our clients get on a steady financial footing and provide foundation for a more profitable and sustainable future. Join the mission to make practices more efficient and profitable by joining the HIS team.

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