An In-depth Look at Our Medical Transcription Solution

EMR Medical Coding

Med trans HIS Accurate documentation of each patient encounter is the foundation for all healthcare providers’ businesses and partnerships.  Medical transcriptions serve as reference for diagnosis, treatment, continuity of care, and billing activity between healthcare providers.

With the implementation of Electronic Medical Records (EMR), many physicians were forced into a “point and click” documentation of the patient visit.  This process is very slow and generally not as inclusive as the standard dictation that doctors have been using for years.  In an effort to cut costs practices have switched to this “point and click” that their EMR may offer, however, they are finding that any savings is being wasted by lost time and productivity.  A better solution is to offer cutting-edge technology that increases productivity and streamlines practice workflow… all at a lower cost than traditional transcription services. 

Healthcare Information Services, L.L.C. (HIS) is proud to offer Emdat (Electronic Medical Data and Transcription), a software program designed to work with electronic health records while offering state-of-the-art medical transcription service.

Earlier this year, we discussed Six Advantages of Dictated Medical Transcription.  The Emdat apps will reduce your current transcription costs and save valuable productivity time.


This application uploads dictation into the Emdat system.  The software works with Windows XP SP3, Windows 7, Vista, and Windows 8 operating systems and Olympus recorders’ DSS software.  Other recorders supported by this app are Phillips, Voice-It, Uher and Grundig.  You will need: 128MB RAM

  • 1 GB Hard Drive Free Space

  • Sound Card with Speakers or Stereo Headphones

  • Windows Explorer 6 SP1 (preferred: Explorer 9-10)

  • Windows Media Player: 7 or higher (preferred: Media Player 9-12)

  • A monitor capable of displaying a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels (preferred: 1024×768 pixels)

  • Preferred Internet Connection: High Speed Cable or DSL

Emdat Mobile

Emdat Mobile is an app available for iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android phones or tablets.  IPhones should be no older than the iPhone 3GS.  If you receive an incoming call, Emdat will pause while you take the call then resume where you left off when you begin dictation.  No data is “lost.”  Using this application, a physician can obtain his/her patient schedule, dictate memos, and review transcriptions.  Dictations are routed to the medical transcriptionist via servers using the wifi or cellular network.  Requirements include: 

  • Microphone for iPod Touch

  • iOS 3.1.3 or greater

  • iOS 5.0 or greater is required to use the Edit feature

  • Wifi-LAN or cellular connection


Your transcriptionist will use this app., which offers more lines than traditional word processing applications.  Highlights include: 

  • Demographics (patient name, MR#, etc.) is easily imported using an interface or a text file.  When the patient’s unique number or name is entered, the system automatically searches for matches, then corresponding appointment dates.

  • Referring Clinician Information Copies can be sent my email, fax or hardcopy to primary care and attending physicians as well as other designated healthcare professionals on an online database.  No need to research names and addresses.

  • Body of Document Easy-to-use templates automatically load into the body of the document.

  • Authorizations InScribe’s online database of dictating clinicians makes it easy for you to select and assign the order of appropriate authorization(s).


This is a workflow document/management application.


Documentation specialists can view their workload status and utilize time management in daily operations.


This is an autoprint application.

Additional Resources

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  • Documentation Methods

  • Meaningful Use Requirements

  • Integration with Your EHR

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