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This month’s Cigna policy update is regarding skin substitutes and their updated list of those that are reimbursed for ulcers.
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Medical residents who are preparing to graduate this June and who wish to be classified as an interpreting physician according to the MQSA need to be aware of requirements changes that went into effect last year. The ABR made changes to their certification process which led the FDA to come out with guidelines to accommodate those ABR changes. This confusing process, and attendant requirements, are explained below.
Certified Coder
Medical coders play a vital role in the daily operations of any healthcare provider. In addition to assigning codes for patient diagnosis, office visits, and procedures, coders must submit claims to insurers. As an integral part of your company's revenue stream, it is crucial these claims are accurate and timely. While all healthcare coders receive training, only certified professional coders are recognized professionally as leaders in their field. Healthcare Information Services employs only certified professional coders, ensuring that your claims and billing are processed in an expert manner.
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Like many other physician practices, you may be undecided whether or not to outsource your billing and Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) functions.  You may have already outsourced payroll and transcription, but when it comes to billing, you might think twice and say, “Won’t that be a mistake?”