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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently implemented major changes to the Stark Law regulations, most of which are already in place.
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Along with patient care, revenue generation is a key focus for all types of healthcare providers. Generating sufficient revenue is how providers and hospitals are able to continue to provide care and treatment to their communities, and different types of physicians are able to contribute in different ways.
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We’re currently in a digital-first age. If your business – yes even your orthopedic practice – is not on social media, then it is costing you dearly. Social media is important for so many reasons: it helps you reach and connect with potential patients, it provides a platform for you to share positive stories with your audience, and it establishes your practice as an industry thought leader.
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Solving Common Business Challenges for Orthopedic Practices Running an orthopedic practice, or any medical practice for that matter, requires a delicate balance of business and clinical expertise. Orthopedists want to focus on providing the highest quality medical services possible, but at the end of the day, they also have a business to run. This can […]
Revenue Cycle Management Tips for Orthopedic As specialists in orthopedic revenue cycle management, we understand the importance of a strong and efficient revenue cycle for the health and stability of an orthopedic practice. A robust revenue cycle encourages strong cash flow, maximizes reimbursements, keeps your practice compliant, and increases efficiency and profitability.
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Medical practices, including radiologists and orthopedic surgeons, are facing numerous challenges in 2015 as the entire healthcare industry debates the benefits of volume-based care versus value-based care. The current volume-based reimbursement model has faced controversy over the idea that doctors may be over-treating patients as a way to generate additional income or in an attempt to keep up with lowered reimbursements. This has created an ethical and financial dilemma for practices who want to be reimbursed at a rate that can keep their doors open, but without over-treating patients or increasing the volume of patients to unmanageable levels. The move from the volume-based to a value-based model is supposed to be a step toward resolving these concerns, but it also raises six critical issues when comparing the two models.
3 Healthcare Coding Updates You Cant Afford to Miss
Healthcare coding is constantly in a state of change. Since ICD-10’s implementation, we’ve done our best to keep you informed and updated on all decisions, changes, and clarifications. Following proper coding practices increases the likelihood of prompt payment and keeps processing as efficient as possible. Below I’ve included a breakdown of changes and updates regarding […]
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The 2015 CPT coding changes will affect many different venues of healthcare with new and combined coding as well as removed codes. CPT 2015 code changes include: 134 revised, 143 deleted, 264 new as well as changes in guidelines. For orthopedic practices the new coding is already in effect, and needs to be adhered to […]
Impacts of Payer Mix Shift
In order to maintain a healthy revenue stream, it is key that your practice has a well-balanced mix of payers. If your revenue stream seems to be sagging it could be that your payer mix has shifted in a negative direction. That is, you may have seen patients with coverage from lower, poor, or slow payers.  Here are some things […]
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A recently released study from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) of the US Department of Health and Human Services focused on improper Medicare payments for evaluation and management (E/M) services. E/M services include visits to non-physician and physician practitioners that aim to manage and assess a patient’s health.  In 2010 Medicare paid $32.3 billion for all E/M […]
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A study conducted by Dr. Eugene Schneller, Professor of Supply Chain Management at Arizona State University: ‘The Value of Group Purchasing 2009: Meeting the Needs for Strategic Savings’,  reports that group purchasing saves the healthcare industry $36 billion annually.  For decades, hospitals have used the advantages of group purchasing to leverage their combined purchasing power […]
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The expected coding changes coming with the ICD-10 implementation of next year are having a big impact on all physician billing practices. In the mean time there are changes to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes effective as of January 1 that orthopedic practices should be aware of. If you are just catching up on […]