Practice Management

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Maintaining your medical billing management internally may seem to be a good choice for your practice, many providers feel keeping billing “in house” allows them more control over both coding and billing.
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We are undeniably in uncertain times and uncharted territories. The medical world and the world at large has been thrown into upheaval in an attempt to weather and survive the COVID19 pandemic. Arguably, no industry has been affected more so than the medical industry
Practice Management and Consulting 101 Does your practice need help ? Could it be more successful and profitable with the help of some expert practice management and consulting? Trusting someone to manage your practice and provide you with professional advice honed from 40 years of experience is not easy. Here are some best practices to […]
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Released in September of 2013, Epocrates' 8th Annual Future Physicians of America Survey asked more than 1,000 U.S. medical students to share their opinions about healthcare reform, their career goals, evolving technology and other hot button topics. The survey found that today's medical students are overwhelmingly planning to join group practices or hospitals instead of starting solo or partnership practices.
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While not the first time Medicare funding has undergone revision, (and likely not the last), the “Doc Fix” bill seeks to fix a long term problem with the system.  This bipartisan effort is focused on establishing more realistic funding and for Medicare, affecting both patient care and physician reimbursement.  This bill is considered a long-term […]
In today’s competitive healthcare environment, radiologic service providers must operate under increasing requirements and constraints as they face decreasing resources and reimbursements. Consequently, they must continuously demonstrate values to their clients and look for ways to continually make improvements. Service providers must go beyond simply managing operations and measure upgrades in their processes as it […]
Time for Orthopedic Billing Patients
When it comes to collecting payments for orthopedic services rendered, time is the enemy.  As time passes, the likelihood for reimbursement decreases. What can a practice do to ensure the collection of payments?
Orthopedic practices often suffer from revenue stream issues stemming from a number of different causes. The reimbursement process is complicated enough without holding it back due to issues within a practice, and yet there are common concerns which plague orthopedic practices if not carefully monitored. One of these issues is the credentialing process for providers.
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On January 30th, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released financial figures which showed savings of approximately $380 million.  These savings, according to HHS secretary Kathleen Sebelius, could be directly attributed to various Accountable Care Act and Bundled Payment initiatives.
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The Bundled Payments for Care Improvements (BPCI) initiative of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) seeks to improve the quality of care – the outcome – while limiting the cost of the services provided for a particular episode of care for specific patients.  The approach is not unlike that taken by CMS in the […]
Patient Satisfaction
The shift from a volume based reimbursement format to value based one is taking shape across the country.  Healthcare providers are being urged to move from payments based on quantity of services provided to payments based on the values of these services.
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2014 has certainly had the medical profession dealing with major changes in every facet of healthcare.  From procedure documentation and coding, to billing and coding policy changes, and even the collection of patient balances; just about every aspect of the physician practice has been affected by changes in policy and regulations.  The Affordable Care Act […]