Radiology RCM 101

Radiology Revenue Cycle Management

Radiology Revenue Cycle Management 101

When running a radiology practice, your number one priority is on the patients, ensuring they receive the absolute best diagnostic care. While this is of the utmost importance, it is also vital to remember you are also running a business. With a strong revenue cycle management partner, your radiology practice can  remain stable  and profitable for years to come – allowing you to best serve your patients. Take a look at the best practices for managing your radiology practice’s revenue cycle.

Determine the Health of Your Radiology Practice

Sometimes, it is necessary to have an outsider come in to determine the financial health of your practice, looking at inefficiencies, revenue leaks, compliance issues, and the overall effectiveness of the revenue cycle. With expert practice management and consulting for your radiology practice, you will get a clear holistic overview of the financial health of your revenue cycle while receiving the vital information needed to make smart business decisions for the future growth and sustainability of your practice.

View this Process as a Robust Cycle, Not Just a Function to Get Paid

While some might believe that management of the revenue cycle is just submitting claims to be paid for services rendered, in truth it involves the entire patient experience. An experienced team knows that the successful management of your Revenue Cycle begins even before a patient makes  an appointment, and extends much  further beyond the point payment. This entire cycle requires proper documentation, coding, denial management, and follow-up policies and procedures. Practices that work with HIS are often surprised by how much revenue they were missing out on before.


Utilize HIS for Radiology RCM

By partnering with HIS, your radiology practice can protects its current revenue, maximizing reimbursements and  increasing  profitability. We don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. We take our time getting to know a radiology practice, and provide professional service and guidance to make your practice the  most efficient and profitable possible.