The Coding Corner: Post Stereotactic Breast Biopsy Procedure Mammograms to Verify Clip Position

Medical Coding

The Coding Corner is a bi-monthly feature, which highlights the most up-to-date medical coding tips, information, and legislation. HIS has over 60 Certified coders, who are experts in ensuring proper coding to guarantee compliance and maximize reimbursement. Following is a coding tip that we sent to our clients.

Are you using equipment separate and distinct from the equipment used for stereotactic guidance when performing your post-procedure mammogram to verify clip placement? If so, coders can apply an unbundling modifier to capture reimbursement for this mammogram.

Coding resources have outlined that when performed on separate pieces of equipment, a unilateral diagnostic mammogram performed to verify the metallic clip position can be separately reported in instances where separate equipment is utilized. If, however, all of the imaging takes place on the stereotactic equipment, the post-procedure breast imaging is included in the stereotactic guidance code (77031), as this includes all of the imaging and work involved by a physician to perform the procedure.

As a side-note, post-procedure mammograms, when performed via Ultrasound Guidance are not subject to bundling edits and can be coded and billed if documented.

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