The difference with HIS


Recently, I was asked the question “We are wondering what sets your company apart from other billing/revenue cycle companies such as Athena.  We have been comparing EMRs and some have the billing side as well. We would like to know if we are comparing Apples to Apples.” I love when we are asked that question, in short it means “How does HIS compare…?”

HIS is proud to explain to medical practices how much more we offer that we are not just your average medical billing company.

We Invest in People, Not Software

Recently, many big corporations and technology companies have invested in acquiring or building a medical billing service as a side business. They have done this because switching from one revenue cycle partner to another is much more difficult for practices to do when compared to switching software. This allows these big publicly traded companies to protect their main revenue streams that are derived from their software sales and maintenance contracts. HIS, however, is privately owned and does not market software. Instead, we invest in our people and infrastructure to continually provide expert services to medical practices. With over 30 years in RCM, practice management, coding and consulting – we are committed to helping practices maximize profits and efficiencies. 

We Are Full Service

We hear all too often, from companies that are thinking of making the switch to HIS, that technology and software companies require them to do a lot of the “heavy lifting” or “legwork” to try and maintain a healthy revenue cycle. HIS specializes in Orthopedic and Radiology practices’ revenue cycle management, and we provide full service management of all aspects. With technology and software companies, practices are usually left to handle denials, coding, patient collections, and appeals. These processes alone are extremely time consuming, and it is upsetting that most of the hard work is pushed back to the practice. At HIS, we manage the entire revenue cycle to provide the biggest value and positive impact to our partnering practices bottom line.. 

Our Team Has The Experience & Results

Having been in role of executive management of practices, we have been on the front lines for over 30 years.  We have real world knowledge on our side and use it to better deliver for our clients. In fact, on average our business model typically delivers a 7-12% increase in reimbursements for practices who partner with HIS. 

We Are Here to be The Best

Rooted in excellence, integrity, and results-driven partnerships, we seek the same features in practices we partner with. Unlike big software and technology companies who will work with anyone, HIS has walked away from partnering with firms who did not fit into our model. Not every practice is right for us. We are very picky on who we select to partner with. If you are looking for just a vendor to outsource to then we may not be the right fit for you. However, if you seek a lasting partnership, have a commitment to excellence, and want to grow your practice we may have the foundations for a long and successful partnership.

We are not here to be the biggest revenue cycle firm, nor the cheapest. We are here to develop long-term partnerships with practices looking to grow the foundations of their practices for long-term stability and growth. That, is the HIS difference.