Discount EHRs to Quality EHRs: What’s the Difference?


Quality EHR Solution Managing your EHR implementation is a decision that will affect you medical practice for years to come. Opting for a discount EHR can save you money up-front, but patient records are too important to trust to a company without a proven track record. The smart choice is to select a quality EHR. Unlike discount EHRs, quality EHRs offer systems that adapt to your workflow and that will save you money in the long run.

Adaptability to Workflow

Discount EHRs might come cheap, but more often than not, physicians have to spend inordinate amounts of time learning a new system. A quality company, on the other hand, offers EHR implementation that adapts itself to your existing workflow. Whatever system your office runs on, a good EHR can integrate itself seamlessly, leading your staff to learn its intricacies quickly, and allowing your doctors to spend more time with patients than worrying about data entry. Every healthcare provider has unique needs, and Healthcare Information Services knows how to customize a system to meet those needs.

Speed and Functionality

One of the main advantages that EHR offers over paper files is the speed at which doctors can call up information. With a discount EHR service, this advantage can be negated by a cumbersome computer system that forces doctors to navigate through too many obstacles. The result is slow access to information, and decreased patient satisfaction. Quality EHR implementation works to build systems that can deliver information quickly and accurately. With SRS soft, offered by Healthcare Information Services, doctors can call up patient records in the blink of an eye. As a result, doctors can use their time more efficiently and see more patients in a given day, increasing your revenues.


If an EHR provider disappears as soon as you have purchased their system, you know you are not dealing with a quality EHR. A good EHR provider offers customer support to guide you through EHR implementation and to deal with any problems. SRS soft offers a help desk and a customer-service portal to address any concerns you may have. Far from disappearing, HIS remains in close contact.

Government Certification

Only a quality EHR is government-certified as a complete EHR. Federal certification tells you a company has been vetted, while also helping you qualify for Medicaid and Medicare EHR incentives. EHR implementation offered by HIS is certified as a complete EHR, so you can rest assured that you are receiving top-quality service.

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