The Warning Signs of a Failing EHR


success failure Electronic health records (EHR) are quickly becoming a necessity for healthcare providers. In addition to making it easier to capture and store patient data, an EHR makes information transferable between institutions, key for sharing medical data when a patient moves or sees multiple specialists. Like any system, however, some EHRs are prone to breakdown if it is implemented improperly. If you find that your doctors are spending more time entering data in a computer than seeing patients, it may be time to look for alternative EHR solutions. Look out for these warning signs that your EHR is failing.

1. Difficult to Use: One sure sign of a failing EHR is when doctors have extreme difficultly entering and retrieving patient information. In muddled and overly complex systems, physicians end up spending inordinate amounts of time trying to figure out the system. The result is less contact time spent with patients, and overall decline in quality of care. HIS offers SRSsoft: an EHR solution that is easy for anyone to use. It prioritizes speed and usability without compromising quality, allowing doctors to get away from the computer and back to their patients.

2. Incompatibility:
A common complaint about EHR is that physicians have to learn an entirely new system, leading to decreased productivity during implementation and less time for seeing patients. If your doctors are still having trouble learning an EHR system even weeks after implementation, you should look for other EHR solutions. The EHR solutions offered by Healthcare Information Services is compatible with your existing workflow system. Instead of having to learn an entirely new system, our technology adapts to your standards, making implementation an easy transition.

3. Customer Support: No matter how easy a system is to use, healthcare providers will always need ongoing support from their EHR provider. One sure sign of a failing EHR is if your vendor becomes less and less available to address your questions and concerns. If you find yourself speaking to voicemail more than a person on the phone, you need to look for a new EHR solution. With Healthcare Information Services, support is always available. Whether you have a pressing concern or a more general question, staff is available to chat with you one-on-one to come up with a solution.  With HIS we’re not a separate EHR team, we’re your partner in quality healthcare.

A good EHR system should start saving you time and money almost immediately after implementation. When you start to detect warning signs that the system is failing, look to HIS for top-performing and top-rated SRS-EHR.