Orthopedic Practice Management & Consulting

From managing the inner-workings of your practice to keeping up with the complexities of billing codes, the business of healthcare is time-consuming. It’s also critical to the success and profitability of any orthopedic practice. If you want to spend more time helping your patients, Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is here to help.

HIS Orthopedic Practice Management Services

HIS has superior orthopedic practice management and consulting skills and experience to assist you in the management of your practice. Juggling the demands of your patient load and the necessary documents to support daily operations – from patient records, prescriptions, and billing to human resources and payroll for your staff – is tough. We get that.

At HIS, we have the business acumen to help increase the efficiency of your staff, improve your revenue cycle, manage changes, lower costs, and strategically plan for the future.

Expert Orthopedic Medical Billing & Orthopedic Practice Management

When it comes to your practice, you’ve got a million and one things to think about. Why not take some of those things off your plate and outsource with an industry expert like HIS?

HIS’ practice management and consulting services team will work with you to position your practice for the most stable and profitable future possible. You can simplify your practice by partnering with HIS experts for:

Our experts can help your practice lower costs, increase efficiencies, manage change, implement new processes, boost profitability and strategically plan for the future.

HIS will conduct revenue cycle, workflow, and operational assessments to determine where the business side of your practice is at now, what works and what doesn’t, and help you implement strategic plans for the future that set you up for profitability and sustainability in the future.


As an orthopedic practice, your focus should be on your patients. Let HIS bring its three decades of experience to bear on your behalf. Our orthopedic practice management and consulting services will streamline your business operations, help get all of your staff members on the same page, and set you up for future success with sustainable, long-term plans for growth and profitability.

A More Efficient Billing & Revenue Cycle

Don't leave money on the table. This checklist will help you discover areas of opportunity to make the management of your revenue cycle more efficient.