5 Ways to Ensure a Seamless EHR Implementation

EHR Revenue Cycle Management

EHR Implementation HIS EHR implementation is less a choice of “if” than of “when” and “how.” With patient records steadily moving online, it is imperative that medical service providers stay ahead of the curve and implement electronic health records on their own terms. While EHR implementation will usually help your bottom line, the transition can be time-consuming if not managed properly.

Here are five tips for ensuring a smooth and successful transition to EHR:

1) Choosing a Partner

There are many providers of EHR out there, and it can be difficult to find the one that is right for you. All things being equal, it is best to choose a provider that has a long history of experience, a successful track record and a network of enthusiastic references. Healthcare Information Services has all three. With more than twenty years of experience, HIS is dedicated to helping you ensure a seamless EHR implementation.

2) Adaptability

So much of an EHR’s successful implementation depends on the system it is made up of. A good EHR system will adapt to a medical service provider’s existing workflow and network, rather than the other way around. In a seamless EHR implementation, staff and doctors should have no trouble learning a new system if it is optimized to fit software that they already know. SRSsoft is one of the most adaptable systems out there.

3) Hardware and Features

There are choices when it comes to EHR. Part of ensuring a seamless implementation is partnering with a provider that can help you choose the software and features that are right for your practice. Find software like SRSsoft from HIS that is quick, accessible and that uses state of the art security features can make for a seamless EHR implementation. Look for features such as cloud connectivity and automated prescriptions to help with the transition.

4) Training

Even though a good EHR is easy to learn, training can always help make the implementation a smooth one. Look for a company that provides staff training along with its EHR services, as HIS does. Keep your staff up-to-date and well-versed in the system’s ins and outs.

5) Bundled Services

One way to make EHR implementation seamless is to bundle your EHR with other services, saving you money in the process. HIS offers revenue cycle management along with its EHR. If you’ve already been thinking about outsourcing your revenue cycle management, pairing with with EHR is the perfect way to make both transitions smoothly.

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