Discontentment with Current EHR Leads Orthopedic Group to Purchase SRS-EHR

SRS-EHR Healthcare Information Services Productivity Focus of SRS-EHR & Unparalleled Customer Service Drives Purchase Decision for Group of 11 Specialists. This article originally appeared on All rights reserved ©2012 SRSsoft.

MONTVALE, NJ – June 7, 2012 –SRS, the leader in productivity-enhancing EHR technology and services for high-performance physicians, today announced that Western Kentucky Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates (WKONA) has selected the SRS EHR for its 11 physicians across 5 locations. WKONA provides quality orthopaedic and neurological care to the south-central region of Kentucky.

“We are de-installing our current EHR and practice management system due to our frustration with the products and the lack of customer service provided by the vendor. We are investing our future in SRS,” says Christopher Patton, M.D., WKONA. “The size and prominence of the SRS client network proves that SRS is the premier orthopaedic EHR software in the industry. Between this and industry-leading KLAS scores for customer service, it is evident SRS will enhance our workflow and practice environment.”

“The flexibility that the SRS-EHR offers made it a great fit for our practice—unlike the point-and-click EHR system that we’re abandoning,” says Sarah Burger, Network Administrator, WKONA. “From the overall functionality of the SRS-EHR to the timely responsiveness of the SRS staff, we are already seeing the benefits of this new business partnership. We have no doubt that SRS is the right EHR for our physicians.”

“As the definitive leader in EHR technology and service for orthopaedics, we fully understand the needs of WKONA’s high-volume specialists in ways that other vendors do not,” says Evan Steele, CEO of SRSsoft. “Our software design and eager-to-please corporate culture are well-known, and have been key reasons for many practices to make the switch to SRS.”

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