Top Factors That Will Effect ICD-10 Conversion

ICD-10 Medical Coding

professional coders Although it’s more than a year away and the timing of any delay is not yet set in stone, the mandatory switch for healthcare providers from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will have a lasting impact. As one of the largest changes to ever hit the industry, healthcare providers need to be ready for this huge industry shift. With errors in coding and denied claims already a major burden on many companies providing healthcare, the switch to ICD-10 will only exacerbate the situation.

With factors such as coding expertise, training and the currency of knowledge affecting every aspect of the switchover, you can’t afford to take a risk that your practice will not be ready. The best way to prepare for ICD-10 is to partner with an expert in healthcare information services, which can make the transition a smooth one without affecting your bottom line.


The most significant impact that the ICD-10 transition will have is on medical coding. Medical coders without the proper knowledge are much more likely to make errors in claims submission, leading to automatic denied claims. When you rely on the coders employed by Healthcare Information Services, you can be sure that they have the expertise and experience to maintain a high level of quality in coding during and after the transition. Our coders are all certified, meaning they are officially recognized as experts in their field.


Even if you hire the best medical coders in the world, ICD-10 will still affect your own staff in a variety of ways. Even the smallest error in paperwork can affect your claims rate, potentially costing healthcare providers millions in lost revenues. The best way to ensure ICD-10 compliance is to train your staff well before the transition takes place. Healthcare Information Services offers the very best in staff training. We run workshops to get your staff up to speed on ICD-10 compliance.

Currency of Knowledge

While Healthcare Information Services medical coders are certified, they also take pride in staying up to date with knowledge in their field. HIS employs an AHIMA I-CD 10 Certified trainer and has over 65 Certified coders on staff. So far, this has proven to be a model of success, with a 98 percent claims rate across the board. We make sure that our medical coders are the best in the business, requiring that they each maintain a 95 percent success rate. With the ICD-10 transition looming, our team of medical coders are already on top of things and ready to meet new challenges.

The ICD-10 transition will be difficult, but is manageable if you take steps with HIS now. Feel free to Contact Us or leave a comment below.   

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