SRS-EHR for Orthopedists: A Successful Implementation Track Record

EHR Orthopedics

SRS-EHR for Orthopedics | HIS Healthcare Information Services is proud to provide SRSsoft EHR technology to a wide variety of medical practices. By partnering with HIS, these healthcare professionals have ensured they have access to a robust and functional system that maximizes time spent with patients and increases their efficiencies and workflow.

In particular, SRS-EHR has been particularly successful with orthopedists, with a national network of over 5,000 providers. Our 100% implementation success rate and number one ranking among orthopedists are due to simple innovations in SRS that make it easier for you to productively navigate your EHR, meet meaningful use and increase patient volumes.

Workflow Experience

Part of the success of SRS-EHR among orthopedists is the system’s innate understanding of SRS-EHR from HIS workflow. HIS has been working with orthopedists around the country for 20 years, and that experience has paid off. In addition to inherent strengths of SRS-EHR, the system is uniquely designed for the orthopedic workflow, incorporating a variety of applications into one spot on your computer. In addition, you can access your EHR from your tablet or smart phone, helping you multitask and stay efficient.

Transcription Options

One of the ways that SRS-EHR can speed up your workflow is by being integrated with medical transcription options. Transcription allows physicians to save time by dictating notes instead of pointing and clicking your way through the system. SRSsoft is specifically designed to allow for integration with any transcription services. In particular, HIS offers productivity-based transcription solutions to save you time and money…. offering state-of-the-art workflow and below market rates.

Unified Desktop

More so than other physicians, orthopedists rely on charts and x-rays to track the outcomes of their patients. With so many different variables at play, switching between files, applications and screens can be onerous. One of the reasons our EHR solution have been so popular with orthopedists is the SRS Unified Desktop. Designed specifically with high-performance, busy orthopedists in mind, the desktop features a number of different patient platforms and information integrated into one place. Instead of flipping back and forth between screens, you’ll be able to see all the information you need right in front of your eyes.

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