Florida Medical Practice Management

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is a physician management company, specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services. We work with orthopedic and radiology practices across Florida to provide comprehensive services related to RCM, billing, coding, practice management, and consulting. When something isn’t working, we make it our priority to find the best solution based on your goals and objectives. When your practice is running smoothly, you can deliver the highest quality care to your patients each and every day.

Practice Management And Consulting In Florida

When you choose to work with HIS, you have a trusted partner dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your business. While you are focused on maintaining the health of your patients, we are focused on handling the day-to-day operations. Our team has years of experience supporting the management side of medical practices, including financials, HR, IT, marketing, compliance, and more. We offer a variety of practice management and consulting services to clients in Florida, such as:

We Are More Than A Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management In Florida

It is important for healthcare companies to stay on top of their revenue cycle management in order to speed up turnaround times and make your practice as efficient as possible. At HIS, we specialize in RCM and billing solutions for orthopedic and radiology practices across the US, including those in Florida. The main services that fall under RCM are claims submission, cash posting, denials management/resolution, appeal management/resolution, and coding. 

Coding & Remote Monitoring In Florida

Every insurance provider your practice works with has different standards for billing. HIS offers medical coding education and consulting services so your employees can file claims and receive reimbursement more quickly. When you code accurately, fewer claims are rejected and the costs to your practice are minimized. Our team of 65 professional certified coders will work to ensure that your practice remains compliant with the industry guidelines at all times. 

We also provide remote monitoring for clients to effectively manage their revenue cycle and easily identify any issues with reporting. The sooner you implement the necessary protocols, the better off your practice will be in the long run. For more information or if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Where HIS Provides Medical Practice Management Services

HIS provides expert services to orthopedic and radiology practices not only in Florida, but across the country. We are proud to offer our medical practice management services to the following areas: 

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