Virginia Medical Practice Management

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) is a physician management company specializing in revenue cycle management and consulting services for orthopedic and radiology practice across the United States. Our team, which consists of 225 trained medical and business professionals, has three decades of experience working to deliver customized solutions for healthcare companies in Virginia. We know your industry, and we know it better than anyone else. Through our comprehensive services, we can help your practice grow sustainably and efficiently.

Practice Management And Consulting In Virginia

At HIS, we offer practice management and consulting services for our clients in Virginia and the surrounding areas. Practice management is the process of managing all business components of a medical practice, including financials, IT, marketing, compliance, HR, et al. We are prepared to take on your company’s greatest challenges and position you for ultimate success with the following services:

We Are More Than A Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management In Virginia

In order to consistently deliver high-quality care to your patients, medical practices need to have effective revenue cycle management (RCM) processes in place. At HIS, we specialize in RCM and we will work closely with you to develop a plan of action that aligns with your specific business objectives. RCM includes claims submission, cash posting, denials management/resolution, appeal management/resolution, and coding.

Coding & Remote Monitoring In Virginia

Medical coding is a complex subject that requires training from a certified professional such as HIS. We have a dedicated team of 65 coding specialists, led by Lynn Anderanin, HIS Senior Director of Coding Education and Compliance. Our medical coding training is an ongoing process that includes onsite instruction, preparation for AAPC proficiency assessments, and 15 hours of continued education for your coders. 

Our remote monitoring services at HIS provide you and your team with the necessary tools and resources to set up critical reports, including weekly dashboards, to understand the health of your business and identify areas of improvement. We will assist your practice in deploying these analytical metrics to optimize your revenue cycle and manage expectations effectively. Contact us today to learn more.  

Where HIS Provides Medical Practice Management Services

In addition to Virginia, HIS is proud to offer our full suite of practice management services to medical practices across the country. We currently serve the following states:

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