Wisconsin Medical Practice Management

Healthcare Information Services (HIS) works with medical practices across the United States, including those in Wisconsin, to improve overall business performance. From revenue cycle management to coding education, our team of 225 business and healthcare professionals have the knowledge and experience to help your practice stay ahead of the competition. As an orthopedic or radiology practice, your main focus is to provide excellent patient care on a daily basis. Let the experts at HIS handle the rest as your trusted medical practice management partner.

Practice Management And Consulting In Wisconsin

When you choose to work with HIS, you have a trusted partner dedicated to enhancing every aspect of your business. While you are focused on maintaining the health Practice management is the process of managing all business aspects of a healthcare practice including financials, HR, daily operations, compliance, IT, marketing, and more. When you choose to work with HIS for practice management and consulting, you have the ability to leverage new ideas and a fresh perspective on several key business areas. Our practice management services in Wisconsin include:

We Are More Than A Billing Company

Revenue Cycle Management In Wisconsin

Revenue cycle management (RCM) and consulting is our specialty at HIS. It is the process of managing a practice’s revenue from payers based on the services provided to them. The main services that fall under RCM include claims submission, cash posting, denials management/resolution, appeal management/resolution, and coding. Our staff is highly skilled in RCM and will provide you with the necessary tools and resources to effectively grow your practice.

Coding & Remote Monitoring In Wisconsin

Coding starts with a patient encounter at your medical facility and then a provider details the visit in the patient’s medical records to explain why a certain service took place. HIS offers surgical coding and coding education to clients in Wisconsin, which many other physician management companies do not. Proper coding is crucial to the health of your business – it can lead to greater revenue and more efficient operations in the long term. 

HIS also provides clients in Wisconsin with remote monitoring services. There are critical reporting areas of your revenue cycle that leadership should be looking at on a regular basis in order to maintain proper cash flow. We will help you identify key reporting metrics and set up the most constructive reports. For more information about our services at HIS, please contact us today. 

Where HIS Provides Medical Practice Management Services

At HIS, we proudly offer our medical practice management services to orthopedic and radiology practices in Wisconsin, as well as the following states across the country:

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